Thursday, July 21, 2011

This is not a food blog...but Oissii Sushi Dining is just amazing!!!

Ok guys, this is not going to be a food blog!

1) I'm a true omnivore. I eat everything. Without exceptions. Don't expect any qualified food reviews.
2) I'm actually not eating out that often. On weekdays I get free food in my company cantine, and during the weekends I manage to live on Muesli.

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However, I discovered this really sweet and small Sushi restaurant close to my place in Hongdae and I can't stop thinking about their food. It's called Oissii and probably features 10 seats. You sit directly in front of the chef preparing the sushi rolls.

I had a salmon roll for 10,000 KRW and simply wasn't able to finish it. It was huge! It came with 3 or 4 side dishes and such friendly smiles. The owners were so cute and tried their best to make me feel comfortable (not so sure whether many foreigners actually know about this place).

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I will definitely be a regular customer from now on and use this place for spending some alone time. Sitting there felt like being in my own oasis, so quiet and distant from raving life in Hongdae. Also the music collection, consisting of slow and romantic guitar pieces, strangely fitted this place... 

I think I am in love.
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Directions: Hongdae station exit 9, go to the main street to Hongik University and past the KB bank. Oissii is opposite to the “Frisbee” (Apple retailer) store.

Notice: the pictures were taken from the website since I found them beautiful and unfortunately forgot to bring my camera last time.

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