Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cupcake-Mania (at least a personal one...)

I was looking for a nice cupcake place in Seoul since my arrival. After a friend told me that the huge cupcake-mania here has already been two years ago, I was getting a bit concerned. Back home in Germany cupcakes have just recently become popular and of course I, as a sweets-lover, became addicted to them immediately.

I even searched the internet on cupcake places in Seoul but either the webpages were in Korean or the information seemed to be a little outdated.

I was almost burying my hopes for a decent cupcake cafĂ© when I just by chance discovered this cute little store while strolling through Hongdae. It’s a bit hidden in the backways so I couldn’t believe my eyes when I just realized that it was indeed what I was looking for.

great sortiment of cupcakes
the whole place looks so nice :)
I basically stormed inside and took in the fabulous sight of all different kinds of cupcakes. The atmosphere in there was just what I wanted and I decided for a vanilla-flavored indulgence.


I savored every bite of it and promised myself to come back as soon as possible.

And now I indeed start wondering whether this is going to be a food blog. I guess due to the amazing amount of wonderful food and dining places here in Seoul it is becoming more and more inevitable not to write about eating my way through the city...

Directions: from the playground in Hongdae walk straight down the street until you are passing the Zara store. On the opposite side is a small alley with a steak restaurant at the far end. Just on the right side before the restaurant you'll find Vanilla Cupcakes (it's a bit hidden in the back).